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Our Brand

Brand Positioning

The Lighthouse brand is an expression of our client-focused business approach and our aim to be the best ediscovery provider in the nation.

Our brand positioning comprises our vision and values and shapes how we think, how we behave, and how we serve our clients. At Lighthouse, this means listening attentively to our clients and offering them superior services and solutions that align with their goals and aggressively attack their ediscovery spend. We strive to be a beacon of ediscovery expertise, guiding our clients safely through the ediscovery process, and aligning the internal workflows of the client, the workflows of their outside review firms, and the workflows of their outside counsel with the client’s goals, usually resulting in a smooth landing and superior savings.

Our History

After 16 years as a known leader in document services, Lighthouse Document Technologies was renamed Lighthouse in January 2012. The rebranding reflected a shift in strategy away from document services and toward the development of innovative solutions in the ediscovery space. With the growth of electronic data, the industry was moving quickly to reduce the mountain of data being created by corporations to a manageable level for ediscovery. Lighthouse was leading this path with innovative solutions designed to attack the most expensive and time-consuming aspects of the discovery process. To that end, along with the rebranding, the company also introduced the SmartSeries—a suite of services designed to leverage technologies and expertise to eliminate up to half of a client’s spend on ediscovery.

With the restructuring, the company decided to retain the lighthouse as the cornerstone of our brand because it symbolizes many of the attributes that clients look for in a service provider—including strength, timelessness, guidance, illumination, safety, and stability.

Our Logo

As reflected in our logo, a lighthouse is a reinforcing icon that helps us stand out for exactly those characteristics that we take pride in and associate with our services:

strength—the conviction to recommend best practices to outside review firms and outside counsel; timelessness— through innovation and a constant vigilance to vet the best technologies and new best practices; guidance—through continuously broadening and deepening our teams and furthering our expertise to apply to our clients’ matters; illumination—enlightening our clients and their outside teams about ediscovery accelerators and speed bumps; safety—always with a keen eye on defensibility and the appropriate risk tolerance of our clients; and stability—we have been in this business for 19 years, and have evolved from a local and regional provider to a national leader, lighting the way for our industry-leading clients to attain the best results in discovery.